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Studio Protocols
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of class time

  • Bring a mat and a small athletic towel

  • Please arrive free of any strong scents

  • No water bottles at the mat, please hydrate well before class

  • Keep your mat rolled up until the start of class time, at which point the teacher will place students into the room

About the Mysore Classes

In the Mysore class, at the teacher’s guidance, students work through the traditional ashtanga practice. For newer students, a first practice is usually about 45 minutes. When beginning the Mysore style class, part of it is memorizing the ashtanga sequence. So I will teach people the Sun Salutations, and some standing postures, and a closing sequence. In Mysore class, students are all working through the same sequence, but they have different stopping points - so some students will take 90 minutes for their practice and newer students have a shorter practice. I find this style of yoga to be the most transformative because a student can go deep into the practice rather than just skimming the surface.

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